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Andrews Lagasse Branch & Bell LLP

Traci S. Lagasse, Esq.
Founding Member

When we first started talking to Cindy, we were not sure what we needed or wanted for our partner retreat. We knew we did not want to run the retreat ourselves, and we also knew we needed something creative, unique, positive, and productive.

The retreat Cindy developed for us greatly exceeded every expectation. We had eight partners at the retreat – all with very different personalities, opinions, likes, and dislikes. Remarkably, every partner loved Cindy and the retreat she provided for us. She organized a day that went from joyful to solemn, playful to intense, philosophical to highly productive.

We developed a more definitive strategic plan than the firm has ever had, and as a result of her guidance on action and implementation, we have enjoyed one of the most exciting years of growth and success our firm has seen.

We hired Cindy two months later to run our attorney retreat with 16 attorneys and look forward to sharing our firm retreats with her for years to come.

RSG, Inc.

Tara Matthews
Principal & Vice President

Our firm cannot fully express our gratitude and appreciation for Henson Consulting Group. Cindy has helped our firm through many challenges and keeps us out of the weeds and focused on priority issues.

A few years back we hired numerous new employees that needed to learn the multiple product lines that our consulting firm offers. The task seemed daunting, and we were not sure of the best approach to get our teamed trained. We wanted everyone to be the best consultant our firm could offer!

Cindy helped us create the RSG Academy – a multi-faceted training program that doesn’t actually focus directly on the product lines we perform, but on the actual skills it takes to get our work done. It was a brilliant approach that we wouldn’t have considered without Cindy’s help. It got to the core of what we were trying to solve for, making sure our staff had the skills needed to consult on a wide variety of topics.

Our training program was so effective that our clients actually requested that we deliver specific modules to their staff!

Cindy’s ability to clearly identify our issues, create a succinct and practical solution, and aid in successful implementation is truly magical!


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