7 Principles to Peace, Purpose, and Freedom

In my book, Jungle: A Journey to Peace, Purpose, and Freedom, I introduce seven principles that have become my manifesto for life. I share them here and encourage you to either adopt them for yourself or create your own principles.

1. Tap into Your Fun Quotient!

We’ve got to have fun in our life, particularly in our work, or everything else is a slog. If we’re not joyful in who we are being or what we are doing, or who we’re engaging with, what’s the point? We need to get to a place where everything doesn’t have to feel so hard.

A great way to accomplish this is to set an intention to have fun in whatever it is we’re doing. For example, my friends have three little kids under five years old. When I visited, there were toys everywhere. When it was time to pick up the room, the parents said, “Here we go. How fast can we put all the toys in the basket?” These little kids were running around putting away their toys because it was fun. It’s quite a contrast to what might usually happen if the parents simply said, “Put your toys away.” That was a reminder to me that even the most mundane tasks can be made fun.

2. Resolve Past Issues and Release Your Brain Power!

Until we see what drives us, we operate unconsciously and often unwisely. We can change a behavior by stepping out of ourselves, into our observer self and question why the behavior feels familiar or comfortable––even the unhealthy ones! When we do that, there’s always a link to the past.

I once worked long hours until I drove myself to the brink of death. I had to examine why I was pushing myself so hard, and I discovered that working hard earned the love and approval I so desperately needed in my life.

We want to put the past in the past, be present, and create a future that we truly desire. If we don’t take time to assess our responses to the circumstances around us and choose healthy actions, the future will look just like the past because we are on autopilot.

Once we’re able to resolve issues from the past, we climb back in the driver’s seat of our life, in the present.

3. Discover What Juices You––and Pursue It!

I believe we all have a destiny and that we possess gifts that this world needs. When we know what juices us, we can determine how we want to make a difference in the world in our lifetime. Then, all the other pieces of our life start lining up and life flows––a place where the world benefits from our contribution.

Unfortunately, many of us buy into other people’s version of success. It’s very seductive to be successful and appreciated by external forces, and yet if we challenge ourselves, we may find that definition of success no longer serves us.

We need to ask: Where am I? Where are am going? Is this bringing me joy? If we don’t like the answers, then we need to ask ourselves: Who am I really? Why am I here? And what am I truly capable of? Expressing our full selves brings unbounded joy for us and others.

4. Activate Your Learning Gene!

Frequently, when we’re an expert, we tend to become complacent. We have well-worn paths of what we know to be true, and we create ruts in our own brain and neuro-networks.

However, when we go outside of our wheelhouse and take in knowledge from new sources such as blogs and books in different genres than our area of expertise, new associations come to our awareness. Our brains are rewired and things that we haven’t thought about before come to mind. We find new solutions to problems that have haunted us––or we become innovative and take our team or our company into a new realm.

5. See Your Colleagues Bigger Than They See Themselves!

A few key people in my life have helped me be better than I ever thought possible. They moved me along in my own learning and development because they saw something in me that I didn’t see. It still brings tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat when I think about these generous people.

Then, there was a point in my life when I moved from being a mentee to being a mentor. The goal here is to have the people around us be great––to see them for who they really are, particularly when they use negative language about themselves. Sometimes, people just need a hand up. And it’s easy to do. There’s no cost to it.

We can train ourselves to see the greatness in people and their true abilities, regardless of what we are currently seeing in them and the behaviors they are demonstrating now. When we see them bigger, it gives them permission to also believe that about themselves.

6. Move into Action!

When I was in the Information Technology world, we used the waterfall approach for project planning and implementation. We looked at the big goal in front of us and then asked, what are the actions that need to be taken and in the correct order?  Task after task flowed down the page, like a waterfall. The entire timeframe was dependent on every task before it going perfectly. Yet, customers became impatient.

Today, software is developed with the agile process. Agile says create a little something, put it out, iterate, create the next thing, put it out, iterate. This approach moves product, people, and processes faster so customers see an evolving product long before the end of the project. It disempowers our tendency to rely on perfectionism.

When we don’t move to action, the most awesome ideas go nowhere. Sometimes, we think we have to know every step before we can start the first step. All we ever must know is the next step. When we take the next step, the step after emerges. It’s amazing how it happens.

It’s like Goethe said, boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.

7. Choose to be Unstoppable!

When we set a goal and determine, for instance, that we will have our book out by a certain date, we subscribe to the mindset that we will do whatever it takes to get it done. Obstacles will appear, and we often perceive them to be mountains. However, we can’t afford to be stopped by them. When we put ourselves into the future, look backwards, and see all the things we did to reach our goal, it seems so much easier.

It’s all in our perspective. When we become unstoppable, we realize there isn’t really a mountain. We never give up. We just get more creative and keep going.

These are the principles I use to live my life. How do you want to live yours?

And be sure to check out my book, Jungle: A Journey to Peace, Purpose, and Freedom on Amazon:  http://bit.ly/hensonjungle

Onward, upward, and inward,

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