Did You Achieve Your Biggest Dream in 2018?

Dear Friends,

December is here and as I look back over the last eleven months, I’m pleased to say that I’m happy about my year. There’s so much goodness that is coming from all that I chose to do and all that came my way––sometimes unexpectedly. That magic happens when we’re in alignment with our values and taking steps to realize our dreams.

My Biggest Dream for 2018

The biggest dream I had for this year was to see my book, Jungle: A Journey to Peace, Purpose, and Freedom, published by my 60th birthday. And it was. We had an amazing prelaunch party with over 200 of my closest friends, family, and colleagues in attendance. There was awesome food, dancing, great conversations––and of course, each of my guests received a copy of my book.

This goal didn’t happen overnight. It took determination, hiring the right team to help me achieve this goal, and belief in myself that it could be done. I had a lot on my plate––my thriving consulting business, my relationship with Dana and our travel plans, plus friends and family who needed and deserved my attention. There was a lot tugging at my attention, but by making this goal a priority, I achieved it.

Learning to Say No

One of the things I had to do was to say no. That took practice and as I’m reminded by many great thinkers, it’s okay to say no. American essayist Anne Lamott says, “No is a complete sentence.” And one of the greatest innovators of our time, Steve Jobs says, “Innovation means saying no to 1000 things.” Becoming a published author was an innovation for me. It was something I had never done before. (A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about saying no.)

Aligning with My Values

And to achieve any goal, I had to know what I wanted. I had to be connected to the vision of that goal and that meant it had to align with my values. My overarching vision is to have peace, purpose, and freedom. I know all of us can achieve that if we choose it. And that is an individual choice. What brings me peace differs from what brings my clients peace. My purpose is different than yours. I’ve defined freedom in my own way. However, there is one key to get what we desire––that is to align with what we want-–not what we think others want.

Motivated by Purpose

Prominent Civil Rights Leader Howard Thurman said, “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

When you’ve done that, you’ll be motivated by purpose, and when you’re motivated by purpose, your life will have meaning and you’ll contribute great things to the world.

Later this week, my team and I are off for a team retreat in Phoenix. During our first day together, I’ll be facilitating a Passion and Purpose workshop for my team. I want to make sure they are truly living their purpose and aligned with their passions as they move into 2019. Day two of our retreat is for creating a vision and a strategy for my business goals for the new year. Day three, after a hearty breakfast, we’re celebrating each other with a Secret Santa party and appreciations.

We’ll share what comes out of that gathering next week.

Happy Holidays!

With love,


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