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In this Companion Workbook, Cindy will inspire you to take an honest look at your life, encourage you to tackle the difficult situations that are keeping you from living in joy– and guide you to creating a life of peace, purpose, and freedom.

If you’re like 73% of the working population that is dissatisfied with your job, you’ve probably stopped jumping out of bed with vitality and excitement for a new day. Your livelihood is also likely interfering with your “real” life––one of joy, happiness, and right relationships at home and at work.

Jungle: A Journey to Peace, Purpose, and Freedom may hold the keys to helping you create a life of purpose and passion.

I want you to have the opportunity to imagine a different life that is possible for you, even with all your responsibilities and obligations.

Cindy Henson

Amazon Bestselling Author

Cindy Henson’s Jungle: A Journey to Peace, Purpose, and Freedom is much like Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love–except for the corporate leader.

Nearly two decades into her corporate career, Henson was awakened to a lifelong addiction to overworking and “taking one for the team” by a debilitating illness, which led her to the jungle of Costa Rica to pursue a master’s degree in International Peace and Conflict Studies from the United Nations-Affiliated, University for Peace. In her renewed approach to life, she integrates laughter, adventure, generosity, and love into all that she does–at work and in her personal life. She shares how nearly everyone can discover and authentically express their natural gifts and talents so that the world is continually transformed, as well.

In Jungle, she introduces the “7 Principles to Peace, Purpose & Freedom”–the manifesto by which she approaches all aspects of life.

  1. Tap into Your Fun Quotient!
  2. Resolve Past Issues and Release Your Brain Power!
  3. Discover what Juices You–and Pursue It!
  4. Activate Your Learning Gene!
  5. See Your Colleagues Bigger Than They See Themselves!
  6. Move into Action!
  7. Choose to be Unstoppable!

Jungle reminds us that the old ways of violence in family, business, and politics must give way to new ways of relating built on peace, purpose, and freedom. Additionally, Cindy explores:

  • work-life balance,
  • career change & transformation,
  • heart-centered leadership, and more

Cindy takes readers deep inside her personal transformation from an overworked, overwhelmed executive to a woman who has broadened her horizons and now understands that the approach of profits over people is what ails the world, and that the triple bottom line–people, planet, and profits–is a much better equation for success for all.

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 What Readers are Saying

  • You may never leave home, suffer abuse, walk away from a “safe” corporate job, live in Costa Rica, or attend the University for Peace. Whether you do these things or not, the unique and captivating story of one who did carries with it struggles, challenges, doubts, and triumphs we all face. Cindy’s unique experience contains valuable lessons that you will need to preserve and succeed on your own journey to peace, purpose, and freedom. These are the universal lessons we all need to know.  

    Len Elder, JD, DREI, CDEI
    Len Elder, JD, DREI, CDEI Superior School of Real Estate
  • Jungle: A Journey to Peace, Purpose, and Freedom provided me with the desire to be even more fearless in my own life, to deeply question and reflect on my own actions. Cindy Henson’s book is a compassionate, guided journey of courage and introspection. Humbling, honest, courageous, and inspiring.

    Bruce Sindahl
    Bruce Sindahl Business Consultant, Boulder, Colorado
  • In her book, Jungle: A Journey to Peace, Purpose, and Freedom, Cindy Henson takes us on a perilous journey as she flees her neatly packaged, corporate life in order to explore the tangled, untamed regions of her heart. Through her willingness to share each step of her physical, emotional, and spiritual journey, we see that we, too, can courageously confront our past and embark on a path of personal healing and professional transformation––to ultimately discover our true calling.  

    Frances Fujii
    Frances Fujii Co-founder, CEO2 and co-creator of The Accidental CEO: A Leader’s Journey from Ego to Purpose
  • Jungle: A Journey to Peace, Purpose, and Freedom is Cindy Henson’s contribution to making right what has long been wrong in the world. Her story is unique yet her goals and achievements are universal. Her life and her journey will be an inspiration for so many people who find themselves “soul sick.” Make Cindy’s story of courage, conviction, and commitment to making this world a better place for all, your own story.

    Anita Sanchez, PhD
    Anita Sanchez, PhD Founder of Sanchez Tennis & Associates, international best-selling author whose latest book is The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times


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