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You care about realizing your organization’s vision and about caring for your people.

Yet when you’re not getting the results you want, you likely assume one of three things:

  • You don’t have the time to strategize.
  • You don’t have the team talent to realize the vision.
  • You don’t have a thinking partner to coalesce an action plan.

All of those “don’ts” can add up to wasted effort, expensive delays, and an untapped culture of the  very people you care most about.

As a result, you might be tempted to replace your talent instead of tapping it.

But trying to realize your vision by “fixing” your culture or positioning profit over people actually could be a costly mistake.

Here’s why:millennials-stat-1

Cendy-Henson-taking-notesTalent is expensive to attract, train, and retain. In this volatile economic climate, you cannot afford draining talent and the high turnover that comes with it.

You can be the leader who taps your people’s talent and in turn boosts productivity, gets results, and creates a workplace where people want to give their best.

In fact, our work with hundreds of corporations, NPOs, and government agencies has proven that tapping your people’s potential is what makes organizations effective and ethical.

You don’t have to compromise your principles to boost your organization’s profits.

  • Hi Cindy, I really wanted to thank you for Thursday. It was hard, but then worthwhile change always is. I have felt stagnated in my personal growth since we last saw each other and you gave me the kick in the pants I needed. I really meant it when I said you were a genius. I really felt in the moment that you needed to hear that. You really are genius. You build people up. You listen non – judgmentally and you have pushed me in directions I didn’t even know I needed to go. Thank you for coming into the mud with me. You will never know how eternally grateful I am.

    Elaine Adlam Registered Nurse, Student Health Services
  • Henson Consulting Group, over the past twelve years, has assisted me on several occasions, facilitating fun and interactive workshops with my departments that have allowed diverse groups of people with varied technical skills and duties find strategic alignment.  The reason I always call Cindy is because she is incredibly empathetic, a great listener, a great executive coach and an incredible facilitator who makes everyone understand their value and the role they play in the success of the organization.  She is like a surgeon who comes in, opens everyone up, sees the issue, addresses the issue(s) while making sure the patient(s) understand and agree with the issue(s) being addressed and then closes up the patient with everyone involved being happy and motivated to move forward as a unified team with shared responsibility by everyone involved.  Cindy is about the people and understands that the people make the organization successful; and her approach has always been successful in my organization.

    Eric Crockett Economic Development Director, City of Chula Vista
  • Cindy has been working with our Board of Directors for the past ten years.  She was instrumental in guiding us through one of the toughest times our small organization has experienced.  She facilitated the development, and subsequent updates to our Strategic Plan by utilizing an inclusive process with each key member of the agency (Board and Staff). Her work with us didn’t stop at the end of the session – she engaged us in follow-up calls and meetings to assure that we were comfortable implementing the plans she helped us create. Cindy has been the single-most important key to our success by way of plotting a course for our organization that began with thought-provoking, yet targeted questions.  Her inclusiveness and truly caring style helped us identify the best in ourselves, and create a path to provide the best to those we serve.

    Kimberly Russell-Shaw Executive Director, The Association for Community Housing Solutions
  • Cindy Henson’s executive coaching sessions challenged me to not only figure out what my leadership style is but also to be excited about how far it could take me professionally.  One of many epiphanies I experienced during our coaching sessions is that leading an organization and managing people are not one in the same. Cindy has also developed and facilitated staff one-day retreats and team-building sessions when our agency has experienced key staffing changes and plain burn-out. She has such an in-depth knowledge of all facets of human resources and a creative way of helping professionals to understand the important relationship of leadership, teamwork, motivation, and great results.  The best in the field!

    Carolyn Emery Executive Officer, Orange County Local Agency Formation (OC LAFCO)
  • Cindy’s coaching helped me articulate not only what I was looking to do, but more importantly, the necessary steps to do it.  She doesn’t use a cookie cutter approach, but listens to understand, and then helps figure out what will work best in that scenario.  She helps you lead authentically because she learns what you can genuinely implement. I’ve learned so much about leadership from Cindy because she truly is a leader!

    Mandy Mills Animal Care Facility Administrator City of Chula Vista
  • Cindy has an ingrained passion to help people and teams identify their goals and systematically dismantle the obstacles to their success. I've been a client of Cindy for over four years and regardless of the need you will be more than pleased with the results and value Cindy produces. Cindy has been nothing short of phenomenal for me from individual coaching to team training to facilitating executive alignment - she does it all flawlessly. Cindy is a true partner, leader and coach.

    Jim Fehlman Director Acquisition Integration, Colibri Group
  • Cindy has this uncanny ability to get you to your own realizations – making you feel as if you knew the answer all along.  Because you get there yourself, the learnings become ingrained and just feel natural. I find myself using the things she taught me over and over again in my job, and when I do, I always smile to myself and think "Damn, Cindy is good."

    Kamie Kennedy VP of Lifecycle Marketing, Craftsy
  • Every successful executive has a coach and Cindy is amongst the top 10%.  She possesses the perfect blend of business acumen, continuous improvement methodology and organizational psychology.  I have been through many growth and turnaround stories, but none were faster, realized better results and were more satisfying than when I contracted Cindy.  I use her services still today and recommend you do also!

    Richard M. Wileczek CFO Rite Screen
  • I have counted on Cindy to help me stay centered as I have faced challenging situations in my work. She has never let me down! Cindy asks the right questions to help me clarify the situation and the root causes of why it is so challenging for me. She affirms and prepares me to act in a way that is consistent with my values, experience and beliefs. At the same time, she helps me recognize any limiting beliefs that I need to question. I feel stronger and more secure in my professional life knowing that Cindy's coaching is a resource that I can call on when needed.

    Jennifer Mazzon Product Director, Coursera for Business and Government


At Henson Consulting Group we help vision-driven and people-centered leaders create empowered and wildly effective organizations by tapping their team’s latent talents.

If you’re like our clients, you’ve had your share of overly complicated approaches, methods, and theories – and you rightfully distrust the idea that you need to overhaul your culture to be more profitable.

Our research-based approach is simple and wildly effective.

We create custom elegant and visual action plans the size of a napkin that work.

These Napkin Action Plans (N.A.P.) simplify your organization’s situation and chart a path forward.

Their simplicity and scale allow you and everyone on your team to carry a copy in their pockets to assure each team member is literally on the same page.

We are consultants who ultimately realized the limitations of standard business theory. We’ve been trained in business schools and corporations to adjust the precise land, labor, and capital dials to produce remarkable shareholder wealth.

Conventional triad of finite resources: Land. Labor. Capital.

Conventional benefactor: Shareholder.

Our first discovery: The conventional business approach is emotionally bankrupt and ironically costly to companies.

Our second discovery: The only infinite resource in a company is people

We work with mission-driven organizations defined as triple bottom line corporations, government agencies, and non-profits.

The new triad of resources: people, planet, profit.

We have perfected our business models to balance people’s natural tendencies towards goodness to produce improved business results. We work with organizations that want to tap the greatest talent already present in the organization.

The exponential benefits: more satisfying and virtuous results for individuals, families, businesses, society, and shareholders.


Take a 60-minute Power N.A.P. Session.

For the leader who needs a powerful assessment and visual plan of action.

Transform the Way You Lead: Executive Coaching

For the leader ready for leadership assessment and astute 1:1 mentoring.

Tap Your Team’s Talents: Team and Organizational Solutions

For the organization poised for a”People-Produce-Results” approach.


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