Possibilities Abound at the Posse Party

Dear Friends,

Wow! Dana and I just returned to San Diego from Phoenix where we held our first Team Cindy retreat. It was amazing. We had laughter, we had team building exercises (including shopping at Costco and cooking our meals), and we even ironed out some conflict.

Bringing Us Together

Since we all work remotely, I knew it was important to bring us under one roof––and away from our usual environments––to set the stage for a successful 2019. We needed to disengage from our day-to-day lives and really focus. Something I feel is vitally important for every company––large or small.

Our first team building experience was our trip to Costco. Five of the team members were in charge of creating our menus and cooking––and then we all spread out over the store in search of ingredients. We delegated and shared tasks. And on an occasion or two a few of the team stepped into their authority and overruled certain selections––such as choosing organic basmati rice over Minute Rice. Thank goodness everyone rolled with it or the weekend might have been a disaster.

Then we drove back to our condos at the Legacy Resort and unloaded our van––which Dana graciously drove. The words “Punch it, Margaret,” will forever live in our memories––along with the reverberations of solid belly laughs.

Purpose & Passion

Friday, I gifted my team with the Purpose & Passion workshop. We spent the entire day diving deep into their core values and discovering what juices them––and holding them back. The results were transformational ––and thankfully no one quit! Their passions and purposes aligned with my needs and desires for business and their roles within my structure. Strangely, I recognized that Dana and I who are both extroverts attracted five introverted women to guide us on our next professional adventure. And what a powerful team of women we are!

Strategic Planning Saturday

Saturday was a long––and successful day. My team shared the results and ideas obtained from attending Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Academy, interviewing my clients about what they receive from me––and how much more they want from me––and lots of research on ways to market my message.

We identified goals and book marketing strategies to reach those goals––and walked away with a plan for the first half of 2019––one that is dynamic, doable, and designed to deliver the results I’d like to achieve in the new year.

Secret Santa

Perhaps nicest of all is I’ve truly attracted a team that cares about one another––not just for the work that we accomplish––but on personal levels as well. We laugh together, cry together, and dream together.

We celebrated one another––not only with verbal appreciation––but gifts as well.

I received one of the biggest gifts I had been hoping for:

Drum roll, please!

As we were working together, we discovered that the audiobook version of Jungle: A Journey to Peace, Purpose, and Freedom is ready for holiday giving! I had the incredible honor and joy of being coached by Roger Love––voice coach to the stars! I then read Jungle and had it professionally recorded. What a learning experience!

Here’s the link to:

Amazon: http://bit.ly/Jungleaudio and,

iTunes: http://bit.ly/cindyhensonjungle

In reflecting on this weekend, here’s what I know: every business can build a dynamic team that is aligned around a central vision––and each individual’s purpose and passion. And when that occurs, magic happens.

Happy Holidays!

With love,


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