Consulting & custom action plans the size of your hand that transform & empower your organization

Get crystal-clear on your situation
and coalesce an action plan –
in 60 minutes.

If you’re like our clients, you’ve had your share of overly complicated leadership approaches, methods, and theories – and you rightfully distrust the idea that you need to overhaul your culture to be more profitable.

Our research-based approach is simple and wildly effective.

We create custom elegant and visual action plans the size of a napkin that work.

These customized Napkin Action Plans (N.A.P.) simplify your organization’s situation and chart a path forward.

Their simplicity and scale allow you and everyone on your team to carry a copy in their pockets and planners to assure each team member is literally on the same page.

Do you question the power of simplicity? Read below to learn how Pixar and other organizations sketched some of their brightest solutions on napkins.

Billion-Dollar Films: Pixar Films

The Situation: A director and 3 writers for Pixar Studios – John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton, Joe Ranft, and Pete Docter – had lunch in 1994.

The Challenge: How to follow up the possible breakthrough success of Toy Story.

The Napkin Solution: They took napkins and sketched ideas for what would become “A Bug’s Life” (1998),  “Monsters, Inc.” (2001), and “Finding Nemo” (2003).

The Pay-Off: These three films have grossed just under one billion dollars. Lasseter later became Disney CEO, Docter went on to direct “Monsters, Inc.,” and Stanton went on to direct such hits as “Finding Nemo” and “Wall-E.”

Never Out of Your Favorite Beer: Steady-Serv & iKeg

The Situation: Every time Steve Hershberger dropped into a certain bar in Carmel, Indiana, the bar was out of his favorite brew.

The Challenge: How could he make a smart device to monitor levels in a beer keg that could be linked to an app on a Smartphone?

The Napkin Solution: Hershberger grabbed a bar napkin and sketched an idea for what would become iKeg, a hardware and software solution that lets bar owners track in real time which beers are selling and how fast.

The Pay-Off: Steady-Serve’s team of 30+, including engineers in India and China, raised $1.5 million from first-round investors and looks to take advantage of a $1.5 billion market space.

Education Never Stops: My Possibilities

The Situation: Charmaine Solomon and other mothers of high school students with special needs gathered at a nearby Starbuck’s in Plano, Texas.

The Challenge: How could their special needs teenagers get what they needed post-graduation without the mothers being ongoing care-takers?

The Napkin Solution: On a Starbuck’s brown recycled napkin, Charmaine Solomon jotted down mothers’ ideas about the ideal situation for special-needs teens post-graduation. “No Babysitting!” was highlighted three times. A year later My Possibilities began as the first university to serve students with Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, Asperger syndrome, or other cognitive delays.

The Pay-Off: Several years later, Solomon remains chairman of the non-profit organization and works with a team of around 50 instructors who serve 300+ students each week.


Get crystal-clear on your situation
and coalesce an action plan –
in 60 minutes.

Assuming you’re not in the San Diego region, let’s have a 60-minute virtual “lunch” in which you and I have a POWER N.A.P. (Napkin-sized Action Plan) Session via video conferencing.

A POWER N.A.P. Session is ideal for leaders, executives, or other professionals who need quick perspective on their situation and a visual plan of action to take with them.

Possible outcomes might include a plan of action for

  • Strategic Execution – 90-day plans
  • Up-leveling Managerial Skills
  • New product line implementation
  • System Change
  • Re-organization
  • Culture of Ownership

Here’s how it works:

  1. You complete and submit the form below.
  2. You will be re-directed to a payment option, and you complete payment.
  3. I will reach out to you to schedule your POWER N.A.P. Session, preferably via video.
  4. When we meet, my process is straight-forward:

    I hear your concerns and assessment of the situation.


    I probe, dig, and root around to find the untapped potential in you and/or your team as the situation dictates.


    I distill your situation into an elegant visual that also gives each team member, if required, an action plan.

I will follow up within 48 hours and email you a pdf of your final custom POWER N.A.P. along with a half-page brief of recommended next steps.

Before you invest tens of thousands of dollars in an abstract theory with complicated implementation, take a POWER N.A.P.

Get quick perspective and a clear plan of action.

One 60-Minute POWER N.A.P. with long-lasting results:



Government Agency





Take a 60-minute Power N.A.P. Session.

For the leader who needs a powerful assessment and visual plan of action.

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For the leader ready for leadership assessment and astute 1:1 mentoring.

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