Build A Team That Appreciates One Another

Dear Friends,

Last week, my team and I reconnected after spending much of the summer circling in our own orbits. While we all had our tasks and kept on top of what needed to be done during the summer months, we spent very little time communicating other than via email and texts. So as we entered the last quarter of the year, I knew we needed a team meeting.

During the first half hour of our meeting, before we got down to business, everyone shared what was new in our lives. My sister, Deb, who handles all of my event scheduling for Jungle, said that her grandson was now back in school and that she was enjoying having a little more free time to learn more about book marketing, tending to her garden––and visiting me in San Diego. Jenny, my executive assistant, told of her little dog’s latest run-in with desert life––something that she also is adjusting to having moved from Orange County to Prescott, Arizona less than a year ago. KK, a/k/a Kathy Sparrow, my publicist, gave us an update on her mountain life in Manitou Springs, Colorado and her activities which revolve around hiking, fly fishing, and lots of music.

Then we moved onto appreciations. Before long, the tissues came out. As I listened to my team speak of how they honored the gifts that they all brought to the team, I saw the genuine warmth and care that we all had for who we are as people. The support they gave one another for being courageous to make moves, learn the nuances of a business that was foreign to them less than a year ago, and embrace new adventures and visions was awe-inspiring. Of course, I chimed in. I have an incredible team, and it was heartwarming to realize how much they appreciated each other as they came together to support my work.

I then realized that my team is living my Jungle principles. We are walking the talk, and that is so important to me. During our meeting, I heard each team member mention how they were having fun, not only in their personal lives, but as a team as we moved forward with plans to promote Jungle: A Journey to Peace, Purpose, and Freedom––and my speaking events. They were seeing each other bigger than they were seeing themselves, and they are all actively learning new skills, including book promotion via Tim Grahl and navigating the different social media platforms. They’re living their passions and actively engaging in activities that juice them! And they’re right alongside me as we move into action for the fall of 2018 and the first quarter of 2019. We are all choosing to be unstoppable. And yes, as we all grow into our greatest potential, we continue to shed the experiences and beliefs of our past that no longer serve us.

And here’s what I know is true: If my team can do this, so can any team, in any organization or company, anywhere on this planet.

So I ask you to consider:

  • Who, on your team, will you appreciate in the next 24 hours?
  • What actions will you take to have more fun and align with what juices you?
  • Where will you be unstoppable?

Let me know what you discover.

With love,


P.S. Find out more about the Jungle Principles here:


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